Linda LaSala

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the lights and energy of the city. I was born in New York and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in interior design. But my real love has always been photography. Night photography has always interested me the most because of all the technical challenges and problems it presents. Amusement Parks and Bridges have always been two of my favorite nighttime subjects with their lights and movement. I especially love shooting the city with its whirlwind of motion and kaleidoscope of color. I have traveled and photographed extensively in the U.S and Europe. My work has been featured in multiple exhibitions as well as in publications such as Digital Imaging Techniques. But most of all I just enjoy sharing my visions.

301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques by Andrew Darlow [pictured with me above} is now available. I am very proud to be an included artist in this well rounded guide for digital photographers. This is more then just a tip book, Andrew Darlow explains so many of the basic issues that confuse the digital photographer for example the differences between calibrating and profiling just to mention one all the way to the chapter [Packing, Lighting, and Framing: Chap. 14] I was delighted to collaborate on with its many after printing tips such as the problem of outgassing in digital printing. In my past dealings with Andrew and Digital Imaging Techniques Magazine I found him to be a perfectionist receiving emails that were sent late into the night. This book is a representation of that need for perfection. For more information and more about Andrew Darlow check out .

My NYC a t Night on the East River is included in: Photos That Inspire: Photoworkshop. When I was contacted by Lynne Eodice about being included in this collection I immediately loved the title. This is one in a series of books just related by Photoworkshop the users group of Photoshop . My photoworkshop website is